Agile Alliance: Open Space - Florianopolis2013


Welcome to Agile Alliance Open Space Florianopolis 2013!


Join us for the first Agile Alliance Open Space conference to be held in Brazil.  

January 24, 2013 at the FIESC Conference Center in Florianopolis

Agile Alliance is an international organization which supports those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices in order to make the software industry more productive, humane and sustainable.  This event brings the entire Agile Alliance Board of Directors together with thought leaders and practictioners from the Brazilian Agile community for a day of thoughtful exploration and conversation.

You are encouraged to come and spend the day, engage on your most pressing topics, and get answers to your questions about the "hows" and "whys" Agile methods will increase your productivity while making your products better adapted for your customers.

"Agile in Brazil - from Developers to Executives"

Agile Alliance Open Space Florianopolis 2013 offers an opportunity to strengthen the Brazilian community of practice and co-create the future for Agile development in the region. For this day, we will build on conversation after conversation as we engage important questions like:

  • What is Agile really?
  • What are the most important practices in making Agile approaches really successful on my team?
  • Who practices Agile philosophies, methods, principles or practices in the Northwest, and what's the impact?
  • What is the difference between Lean, Scrum, XP, and other Agile approaches?
  • What new technical challenges face Agile?
  • What are the latest cutting edge developments in the Agile software development world?
  • How do Agile frameworks and methods co-exist with project management, process control and other governance structures?
  • How do we adapt Agile practices to our organizations without diluting them?
  • Can Agile methods work in big, risky projects? How?
  • When distributed teams use Agile approaches, what changes?
  • If we adopt an Agile mindset, what might the transition look like in my organization?

This conference contains many sessions bringing novices, journeymen, and experts together for face-to-face conversations exploring the most important topics in Agile software development today.

How does it work? Your hosts designed this event to allow practitioners like you to meet in self-organizing groups where we can share our latest ideas, challenges, hopes, experiences and experiments. We follow an Open Space format to foster collaboration and allow the conference to take its direction from the participants themselves. Your commitment to arriving at the beginning and staying until the end will ensure that session after session will integrate, enhance, and deepen every participant’s understanding of achieving better understanding of “Agile in Brazil:  from Developers to Executives.”

Conference participants are eligible to purchase a full Agile Alliance membership when registering for the Open Space event in Florianopolis.  This is a 90% discount available to Open Space participants only!

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